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8.20.17 A Practice Update

By August 21, 2017Reflections

Friends, it was so good to be back together last night. From Please Speak to the Doxology, it felt right to gather once again and celebrate the Eucharist in holy community. After our opening liturgy, we shared an update on the future of The Practice.

For the last two months we have been gathering information, having conversations with members of the community, and praying. In all our prayers and conversations, I consistently came back to two questions that guided our discernment. How is God leading us, and what is best for this community?

During one conversation, the possibilities opened up in an exciting way. In addition to the three options we were already considering (planting a church, launching a regional, or building a spiritual formation institute), we were given the opportunity to propose what we would need in terms of staff and budget to continue The Practice gathering twice a month.

Because we feel this is exactly where God is leading us, and it best serves our community, we are working through a proposal with Willow leadership on what we need to continue this fall. Our plan is to launch the next season of The Practice with a gathering on September 17th. We will continue Practice Tables and come together for two gatherings a month.

After the update, Lori led us in the practice of intercession. Adele Calhoun says, “Intercessory prayer invites us into God’s care and concern for us, our families and friends, and the entire world.” In this practice we hold someone in the presence of God. “We become aware of God’s prayer for a person and join in that intercession.” Last night, we held the Practice community, the Practice team, Willow leadership, and the Willow congregation in God’s loving presence.

You can hear the full update and join in our practice on the podcast.

Kingdom Practice
Our kingdom practice for the coming weeks is to continue interceding for the Practice community, the Practice team, Willow leadership, and the Willow congregation. Let’s continue to hold these groups in the presence of God.

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  • Lucy Willis says:

    I am ecstatic that The Practice will continue. I am unable to attend the Practice in person but I have been enjoying the podcasts that are sent to me by a very good friend who attends on a regular bases. Do to the nature of my commitment to my elderly mother (97) in Georgia I am still unable to attend in person, but I would like to know if it is possible for me to receive the podcasts. my name and email is listed below. I am also receive he small group discussions, thanks so much for sharing. What a blessings they have been. Thanks so much for these considerations.

    • Jason Feffer says:

      Hi, Lucy. I have added you to our email list. I’m sorry it took me a bit to see this comment. You should receive emails from now on including the podcasts.

  • Nancy Rufledt says:

    Thank you, Practice Team, for continuing to include those of us who are not local in The Practice. I have benefited from many of the talks and the exercises. May God bless you all as you discern the way forward.
    In gratitude,

  • Audra Kennedy says:

    I wanted to read more about the Paschal Mystery. Do you guys have any recommendations?


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