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3.3.19 The Gift of Presence

By March 4, 2019Reflections

It was so wonderful to have Trevor and Lacy with us this weekend! Last night, Trevor invited us to consider the gift of presence. We explored the real encounter that happens when we learn to be present to the presence of God in all of creation. And Lacy helped us practice with a clementine. We then explored the great gift we offer to one another, the gift of our presence.

Friends, this was such an incredible time together. If you couldn’t be with us, would you make some time this week to listen and engage the practices in the podcast? As you engage it, there are two things that will help your practice. First, listen with a clementine. This will be important for the first practice of the evening. Second, would you listen with another person? This will be helpful as you engage the second practice of the night, offering a blessing to another.

Kingdom Practices
Last night, Trevor asked us to consider the gift of presence. How might we be more present to God’s presence in ourselves, in one another, and in all of creation? Did you sense God inviting you to learn to be more present in any of these spaces? As we bring our time in the practice of simplicity to a close, and look forward to Lent, do you sense God inviting you into any particular practice during the Lenten season?

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